Pete Bouchard

'Twas A Week Before Christmas, And...

Posted by Pete Bouchard

We're knee-deep in winter! Gorgeous landscape, shimmering sun, deep snowpack...

...and a meltdown?


Just in time for Christmas, the snow is in serious jeopardy with an extended thaw in the works. But before we talk temperatures and vanishing snow, there are a couple of fairly nice evenings to check out the latest celestial bodies in the evening sky.

First, look west around dusk, and you'll see this:



Turn around to the east, and you'll see this:


Super cool, eh? You don't need binoculars or telescopes, just a nice view of both the eastern and western horizon (a tall order in the big cities, I know). Tonight and tomorrow night feature the best viewing before the clouds move in with the warmup.

Today we saw the snowbanks slump and compact, tomorrow we'll see them shrink. Highs will warm to the upper 30s to low 40s as a mild southwest wind takes over. And this is just a start. Despite heavy clouds moving in from Friday on, high temperatures will continue to climb. Few showers will sneak in by Saturday and Sunday as well. It's worth noting that the overnights may see some fog develop, thereby diminishing the snowpack even more. (Fog is an excellent snow eater.)

Now I'm a realist. I understand that the deep snow all across Southern New England won't be easy to banish. In fact, its very presence refrigerates the air and in essence, mutes any significant warmup. That's why you'll notice a dip in Saturday's temperature. The warm front that gets us into the 40s will stall just to the north of Manchester, NH. On Saturday it appears there may be a "push back", allowing the cooler air to seep in. We'll watch this carefully. Too much of a push, and we could see icing. Stay tuned for fine tuning.

Despite all this, I'll give it to you straight: by the time Christmas rolls around, there will be a lot of brown.


Chris Lambert

50/50 Weekend

Posted by Chris Lambert

We're off to an iffy start to the weekend as nuisance rain and wet snow moves across the area.  While it's not a well organized area of low pressure, it develops right near us midday, and that'll be enough for a tricky forecast.  Light to moderate  rain/snow is on and off early this morning with a heavier burst of precipitation possible late morning, through mid afternoon in eastern MA (11:00AM-3:00PM).

Posted 01/18/14, 6:54am
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Pete Bouchard

Final Days

Posted by Pete Bouchard

That's the way to get it done! Fine finish to the workweek as sun dominated and winds behaved.

I submit that is the one - and perhaps only - reason these days have felt springlike in this extended thaw. If the winds were gusty on a day like today, the sun (albeit a little stronger these days) is really no help.

Posted 01/17/14, 5:06pm
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Jeremy Reiner

Great Mid-Winter Weather

Posted by Jeremy Reiner

Nice mid-winter weather? Here's how I envision it:


*Mild temps (40 or higher)

*Little to no wind

That last bullet point (IMO) is probably the biggest when outside this time of year. After our morning fog lifts out of here all three of those criteria will be met this afternoon's Friday. #Winning.

Posted 01/17/14, 7:04am
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Pete Bouchard

Colder Temperatures Cometh

Posted by Pete Bouchard

As far as blah days go, this was the blahest.

Fog blanketed the area as winds remained light and variable. We're still looking at some fog, but the thickest part of it should only be during the first half of the night. After that, gentle winds should "mix out" some of the heavily fogged in areas.

Posted 01/16/14, 5:24pm
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