Pete Bouchard

Showers..and Other Stuff

Posted by Pete Bouchard

Few showers still pushing through this evening. We're looking at a period of dull, gray weather in the next two days. Not a lot of opportunities for seeing the sun. However, there is a good supply of mild air stewing about. We'll stay on the sticky side with high temps climbing near 70 each afternoon.

So far, the pick of the week is Friday. Plenty of sun and warm temps. I'm pushing the numbers right into the mid 70s! Soak it in, because the weekend is not as plum.

Big weather news of the day revolves around the announcement by The Weather Channel to start naming winter storms. They propose the following list for nor'easters, blizzards, and any other winter weather events that meet their criteria:


Marketing tool? Gimmick? Nerdy weather geek stuff? However you label it, it's catchy and puts a spin on what can be a long, cold (and for some, depressing/miserable) season.

Meteorologically speaking, however, I cringe. Who really 'owns' a winter storm? When did The Weather Channel get the authority to devise their own impact scale for winter storms? (What folks in the Mid-Atlantic will call a major storm could be run-of-the-mill in New England.) Where does this stop? Will tornado outbreaks get names next? And really, is a snowstorm as crippling as a tropical cyclone?

The Weather Channel claims that naming a winter storm will raise the awareness of it. Really? We are super-saturated with information these days. If you miss the blaring headlines a major nor'easter that's en route, (which we sometimes start forecasting for a week in advance) you just aren't tuned into the forecast (or winter for that matter).

Lastly, the names really get me. Gandolf? Draco? Are we watching a Harry Potter Weekend on The Family Channel? After watching endless hours of storm coverage, I can honestly say I'd be ready to drift off with Frodo to the Shire.

This will undoubtedly cause a stir at watercoolers and online chat rooms in the days/months ahead. From my experience, no other season garners more attention, predictions, eyeballs and emotion more than winter.

And judging by the hype that this naming has caused, that's precisely the point.


Chris Lambert

50/50 Weekend

Posted by Chris Lambert

We're off to an iffy start to the weekend as nuisance rain and wet snow moves across the area.  While it's not a well organized area of low pressure, it develops right near us midday, and that'll be enough for a tricky forecast.  Light to moderate  rain/snow is on and off early this morning with a heavier burst of precipitation possible late morning, through mid afternoon in eastern MA (11:00AM-3:00PM).

Posted 01/18/14, 6:54am
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Pete Bouchard

Final Days

Posted by Pete Bouchard

That's the way to get it done! Fine finish to the workweek as sun dominated and winds behaved.

I submit that is the one - and perhaps only - reason these days have felt springlike in this extended thaw. If the winds were gusty on a day like today, the sun (albeit a little stronger these days) is really no help.

Posted 01/17/14, 5:06pm
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Jeremy Reiner

Great Mid-Winter Weather

Posted by Jeremy Reiner

Nice mid-winter weather? Here's how I envision it:


*Mild temps (40 or higher)

*Little to no wind

That last bullet point (IMO) is probably the biggest when outside this time of year. After our morning fog lifts out of here all three of those criteria will be met this afternoon's Friday. #Winning.

Posted 01/17/14, 7:04am
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Pete Bouchard

Colder Temperatures Cometh

Posted by Pete Bouchard

As far as blah days go, this was the blahest.

Fog blanketed the area as winds remained light and variable. We're still looking at some fog, but the thickest part of it should only be during the first half of the night. After that, gentle winds should "mix out" some of the heavily fogged in areas.

Posted 01/16/14, 5:24pm
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