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Family Guy

"Road to the North Pole"

Genre: Sitcom/Animated

Air time: Wed, 03/27/13 at 6:00pm

After getting the brush-off from Santa at the mall, Brian and Stewie travel to the North Pole to teach Santa a lesson.


  • Seth MacFarlane
  • Alex Borstein
  • Seth Green
  • Mila Kunis
  • Karley Scott Collins, Guest Star
  • Carrie Fisher, Guest Star
  • Alec Sulkin, Guest Star
  • Jennifer Tilly, Guest Star
  • Mike Henry, Guest Star
  • Jon Benjamin, Guest Star
  • David Boreanaz, Guest Star
  • Drew Barrymore, Guest Star
  • Patrick Warburton, Guest Star


  • Seth MacFarlane, Executive Producer
  • David Zuckerman, Executive Producer