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News Team: Kim Khazei

Kim Khazei has been with WHDH-TV in almost every capacity from the day Sunbeam Television Corporation took over the station in 1993. She is now a primary anchor of 7News …..spending nearly three hours on the desk everyday. Kim anchors the 5, 6 and 11 pm newscasts. She also anchors the 10pm newscast on CW56.

Kim joined 7 news to help launch the first four-hour morning show in Boston. Since then she has been a part of nearly every broadcast and has continued to report in the field.

Kim quickly earned a reputation as a commanding anchor, especially during breaking news coverage. She says she will always remember most the weeklong coverage of John F. Kennedy Jr.'s plane crash and the events that followed.

Kim has reported on major national and international news events for nearly two decades.

She has worked in television markets in the midwest and west coast before coming to Boston.

She has a passion for people stories and breaking news……providing live reports on numerous breaking stories….Hurricane Gilbert in Texas, the Loma Prieta Earthquake in San Francisco, numerous elections, a number of "Farm Aid"events with prominent entertainers trying to save our nation's farms. She reported from scud missile sites in Israel as part of the Persian Gulf War, in Egypt on the impact of war on tourism…..won awards for her medical reporting "Ask the Doctor" and for one of her favorite segments called "Someone You Should Know".

Most recently, Kim landed a national exclusive when Cambridge Police Sergeant James Crowley shared with her his behind-the-scenes story of his arrest of Harvard Professor Henry Louis Gates. Kim followed the story to the White House for President Obama's so-called "Beer Summit".

Outside the newsroom, Kim has been active in community projects such as the Big Sister program, her town's annual trivia bee benefiting local students, the public school's mentoring program, Hospice and helping homeless mothers and their children. She spends every winter weekend skiing and most summer weekends on New England beaches with her favorite people……her friends, her husband and three children.


TV show I never miss  - Is a great game.

Song that gets me dancing -  "I Know You Want Me" by Pitbull

Alma mater - University of Missouri-Columbia (J-School)

First concert I ever attended - Aerosmith

Favorite place I've traveled - Africa

Childhood hero -  My Father

Best season - Love them all but our spring's a little lackluster

Book I've read over and over - "Oh the Places You Will Go" and "Make Way for Ducklings" and 20 other children's books

Last meal on earth - a persian meal:
Khorecht Bademjan-beef and eggplant stew
Shirazi-cucumber and tomato salad
Mast-o-khair -yogurt, cucumber and dill
and then a good ole' chocolate dip-top ice cream cone!

Movie that makes me cry - Pretty much all of them!

Movie I've watched over and over - "The Notebook"

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