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News Team: Andy Hiller

Andy Hiller is widely regarded as the most provocative political reporter in New England. 7NEWS highlights his analysis of political events throughout newscasts, as well as in a regular segment entitled, The Hiller Instinct.

His career at 7NEWS began in 1993 after covering politics for fifteen years at WBZ-TV. Throughout the years, Andy has covered virtually every major campaign in Massachusetts since 1977. His reporting career began at Iowa's Davenport Times-Democrat in 1971. From 1972-1977, he was a political editor in Atlanta for WAGA-TV, where he covered Governor, then President, Jimmy Carter. For his distinct political reporting, Andy won an Emmy award, and has been named "Best TV Reporter" several times by Boston Magazine.

Andy earned a Master's degree in public administration from Harvard's John F. Kennedy School of Government. He received his B.A. from Beloit College.


TV show I never miss:  Super Bowls

Song that gets me dancing:  Philadelphia Freedom

Alma mater:  Beloit College

First concert I ever attended:  Bob Dylan

Favorite place I've traveled:  Venice

Childhood hero:  Mickey Mantle

Best season:  spring

Book I've read over and over:  family checkbook

Last meal on earth:  steak, asparagus, macaroni and cheese

Movie that makes me cry: million dollar baby 

Movie I've watched over and over: Caddyshack

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