Act of kindness sparks chain reaction

Posted: 12/28/12 at 1:20 pm EST      Last Updated: 12/28/12 at 1:31 pm EST

MANITOBA, Canada (WHDH) -- A small act of kindness turned into an outpouring of holiday generosity in Manitoba, Canada.

Hundreds of customers at one restaurant chain are giving back, by paying it forward.

It started as a typical morning at a Tim Horton's drive-thru. Customer after customer, then something special happened.

“It happens a lot where somebody will pay for the car behind. Sometimes it turns into one or two. Sometimes it goes to a dozen,” said Troy Thompson,

Tim Hortons General Manager .

But, nobody but was expecting this. Car, by car the chain of generosity went on and on.

“You would hear the shout from drive thru. My manager Todd was in there. You'd hear him just scream out numbers, 147, Getting everyone really pumped up and it just filled the building with excitement,” said Thompson.

Each customer paid it forward and picked up the next car's bill. Melanie Weibe, a regular, started a generosity chain last week.

“We're just so generous and friendly. It's just nice and I think now it's just a habit that started here and I think people just come back to this one knowing that it's either going to be your day that you are going to start it. And it's just going to come back. It's a huge cycle,” said Weibe.

And it’s an idea that's catching on in Winnipeg.

Yvette Deveaux recently started paying it forward at a different Tim Horton's. She's always looking for a way to pay it forward. In fact, this summer she started group devoted to the idea. She hopes stories like this will inspire others to do the same.

“Wouldn't that be awesome if we are all doing this. What an awesome province this would be. It is a great place. But, this would just be so awesome,” said Deveaux.

The pay it forward chain lasted for three hours.

A total of 228 cars went through the drive thru.

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