Francona, former players sound off on Valentine's exit

Posted: 10/04/12 at 5:20 pm EDT      Last Updated: 10/04/12 at 5:33 pm EDT

BOSTON (WHDH) -- The reaction to Bobby V's exit is came in fast and furious, including from former players -- and from a man who knows all too well what it's like to fall out of favor at Fenway.

If one person in the world can relate to what Bobby Valentine went through Thursday, it's Terry Francona.

Francona, now a baseball analyst for ESPN, was asked about Valentine's often unusual behavior, including making statements about his coaches to the media.

Both Tito and former Sox pitcher Curt Schilling, gave their takes on Valentine, and on a miserable sox season.

"Some of those things surprised me. Again those are some coaches that -- with some pretty high integrity. Again it's different strokes for different folks. If I had a problem with a coach I would go tell him. Not sure I would choose to do it on the radio. But again everybody's personality is different," said Francona.

"This was something I think that some people, knowing people on both sides of this, saw this coming from the day it started. And to be clear they did not finish in last place and have a horrible season because he managed them; they did that because they stunk. They were a bad baseball team. I just think that what he added to the mix this year was a., 99 percent unnecessary and b., just a nightmare's burden for the guys that are going to be here and were here," said Schilling.

No one has seen more of Valentine's methods up-close than Sox TV analyst Jerry Remy. Remy says he saw this coming for a few months and that ultimately, if you don't win in Boston, you aren't going to last very long.

"It doesn't really come as a surprise to me. A couple months ago I thought maybe there was a chance he would come back, but things deteriorated big-time the last couple of months of the season. I was not surprised by the move, I knew something would happen quick, that they'd either bring him back very quickly or let him go very quickly, and it happened today. So now they can move forward, go for their search for their new manager, and get things moving for 2013," Remy said.

Terry Francona says there is nothing he could say to the next manager of the Red Sox that would prepare him for the job saying, “it’s 24 hours a day, every day of the week -- it's a different animal."

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