Poll shows Brady as least liked QB in NFL

Posted: 01/17/14 at 7:50 am EST      Last Updated: 01/17/14 at 8:20 am EST

FOXBORO, Mass. (WHDH) – Tom Brady had quite a bit to say about a poll while speaking to reporters Thursday, but he couldn't figure out exactly why people around the country don't like him.

A definite fan favorite in New England, but it turns out, across the country, Brady is actually the most hated QB in the league.

When asked about the poll, Brady seemed more stumped than upset.

"What kind of life do I have off the field that everyone knows so well,” said Tom Brady, least liked QB in the NFL.

“You're married to a supermodel,” reporters said.

"Oh, that! That's the reason why I'm not liked. I live a great life, I do,” Brady said.

Fans think they have the answer.

"They're just jealous and that's why they hate him,” one fan said.

Love him or hate him, Brady says he is happy doing what he's doing.

"You’re right, there's nothing I'd rather do than play football for the New England Patriots and yes, I have a great family, so thank you,” said Brady.

To be fair, the same poll also had Brady tied for second as the most liked quarterback. However, number one, by a wide margin was Brady's opponent Sunday, Peyton Manning.

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