Brady back in the game and ready to take on Broncos

Posted: 01/17/14 at 6:00 am EST      Last Updated: 01/17/14 at 9:36 am EST

FOXBORO, Mass. (WHDH) -- If there was any doubt about Tom Brady’s health, he returned to Gillette on Thursday looking and sounding good, and ready to practice.

"I've played a lot of football over the whole season and I got back out there today and it felt good,” said Tom Brady, Patriots quarterback.

Brady didn't talk much about the illness that kept him home Wednesday.

Instead, he joined teammates on the practice field as they prepare to head west for the AFC Championship game in Denver on Sunday.

"We need to practice good. We need to go out and play good, that's going to be the most important thing. They're going to challenge us in a lot of ways,” Brady said in a news conference.

That challenge is taking on Peyton Manning and the high-flying Denver offense. Brady knows his what his team is up against.

"He's a great player, they've got a great team and one of the best offenses in history. I think what that means for us is we better be ready to score some points because that's what they do best,” the Patriots quarterback said.

The Patriots will enter Sunday's game as underdogs and that hasn't happened in seven years. That year, the patriots lost to Peyton Manning and the Colts.

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