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Posted: 11/09/06 at 9:22 am EST

The road to Beacon Hill revs up as Democrat Deval Patrick and Republican Kerry Healey face-off in the 2006 gubernatorial election along with Independent candidate Christy Mihos and the Green-Rainbow Party's Grace Ross.


video Deval Patrick gives victory speech (11/07/06)

video Lt. Gov. Kerry Healey delivers her concession speech  (11/07/06)

video Independent Christy Mihos delivers his concession speech (11/07/06)

video Sen. Kerry, Lt. Gov. elect Tim Murray speak at victory party for Deval Patrick (11/07/2006)

video November 1 final gubernatorial debate (11/01/06)

video Deval Patrick wins Democratic gubernatorial nomination (09/19/06)

Senator Kerry comments on Patrick's victory (09/19/06) 

Chris Gabrieli concedes Democratic primary race (09/19/06) 


Governor-elect Patrick concerned with proposed MBTA price hike (11/09/06)

Patrick outlines transition plans after first visit to Statehouse (11/08/06)

Gov.-elect Patrick seeks to keep campaign momentum (11/08/06)

Patrick elected governor, restoring Democrats to Corner Office (11/07/06)

Massachusetts voters face historic choice in governor's race (11/07/06)

Healey concedes she is behind as Patrick warns of complacency (11/07/06)

Candidates make last push for votes (11/06/06)

Gubernatorial candidates meet for final televised debate (11/02/06)

Patrick and Healey prepare for debate (11/01/06)

Lt. governor candidate criticizes own team for TV ads (11/01/06)

Herald endorses Healey, Patrick gets support from prominent republicans (10/31/06)

Three more newspapers endorse Patrick campaign (10/30/06)

Wives stump for the Patrick-Murray ticket (10/30/06)

Healey campaigns as election day nears (10/30/06)

Healey learning in campaign that personality can trump policy (10/27/06)

Independent candidate loses bid to be included in TV debate (10/27/06)

Candidates debate as Healey tries to shift tone (10/25/06)

AP Interview: Mihos pledges lay off up to 8,000 state workers (10/24/06)

Healey gets boost from newspaper endorsement; Tim Murray is finally ready for his close-up (10/24/06)

Mass. governor candidates debate twice in one day (10/20/06)

Candidates prepare for third debate tonight at Faneuil Hall (10/19/06)

Healey: state, not local police, should issue gun licenses (10/18/06)

Clinton headlines gala fundraiser for Patrick, his one-time aide (10/17/06)

Former president to campaign for Patrick (10/16/06)

Gubernatorial candidates heat up the ad war (10/12/06)

Latest polls shows Healey closing in on Patrick (10/12/06)

Gubernatorial candidates make pitch to business community (10/11/06)

Kennedy decries Healey's `Swiftboating' of Patrick (10/07/06)

Healey, Patrick trade charges over crime questions (10/06/06)

Healey questions Patrick's honesty over rapist parole letters (10/05/06)

Gubernatorial candidates spar on taxes, economy (10/04/06)

Poll: Patrick holds big lead over Healey (10/01/06)

Independent candidate Mihos vows to remove Citgo products from his family convenience store chain (09/29/06)

Patrick drums up business advice, while Healey talks on education (09/28/06)

Healey discusses veterans issues; Patrick urges affordable housing (09/28/06)

Candidates clash in 1st general election gubernatorial debate (09/26/06)

Mihos airs 'heads up' cartoon ad about Big Dig (09/25/06) 

Patrick says Healey going negative because she's 'nervous' (09/21/06)

Patrick wins 3-way Democratic primary for governor (09/20/06)

Massachusetts faces a historic choice, tight race (09/20/06)

Lieutenant governor ticket goes to Tim Murray (09/20/06)

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