Massachusetts Governor Race -- Taxes

 Healey too has called for the rollback of the state income tax to 5 percent. "It's right, it's fair and we owe it to the people we serve to carry out their wishes," Healey said on February 9, 2006. She has also pledged not to enact any more new taxes. [more]

 While Mihos supports reducing the state income tax to 5 percent, he would chiefly be focused on bolstering local aid. With regards to property taxes, Mihos says that under his "Proposition One" plan, values would remain stable from the time of purchase until the property is sold. [more]

 If elected, Patrick says he will give advantageous tax treatment to companies investing and creating jobs in renewable energy production. He also aims to close tax loopholes to prevent corporations from getting "favorable treatment." [more]

 Deval PatrickGrace as governor would “stop taxing poverty, stop corporate welfare [and] make taxes progressive.” [more]


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