Massachusetts Governor Race -- Economy

 Kerry HealeyHealey would put effort into creating jobs and a competitive state economy. "You don't create jobs by overtaxing employers," Healey said on February 9, 2006. "And government spending doesn't create jobs: people do. Entrepreneurs and businesses large and small -- they are the job creators." [more]

Under Mihos's "Proposition One" plan, $1.1 billion in additional state tax revenues would be given back to local communities to initiate economic development strategies. Mihos also favors giving a $300 million bond package to Springfield for the creation of new advanced technology, agricultural research and other developmental centers. [more]

Patrick would improve the economy through affordable healthcare and reduced energy costs. He also supports putting private capital into private investment funds to produce start-up funds for new enterprises, particularly small businesses, which would subsequently create new jobs. [more]

 Deval PatrickGrace as governor would work to “support labor struggles, living wages and guaranteed income for all.” [more]


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