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Posted: 11/07/06 at 8:33 pm EST

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Local and regional election results

From financial issues and public education to property taxes and stem cell debates, the state's top issues get honed and polished in preparation for the upcoming gubernatorial election.
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video November 1 final gubernatorial debate

The Issues:

Taxes | Education | Economy |
Affordable Housing | Health care | Same-sex marriage | More Mass. issues

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Candidates for Lieutenant Governor

 Kerry Healey (R)
Healey, 46, of Beverly, has served as Lieutenant Governor of Massachusetts since 2003 alongside Governor Mitt Romney. As Lieutenant Governor, Healey is the primary contact for municipal leaders regarding a variety of financial issues. She currently chairs several commissions for the Governor focused on criminal justice reform, sexual and domestic violence and homelessness. Healey would become the first elected female Governor of Massachusetts if she were to win. Official Site
Hiller Instinct: Kerry Healey Air Date: 02/14/2006

Christy Mihos (I)
Living in the Bay State his entire life, this politician and businessman served as a member of the Massachusetts Turnpike Authority from 1998 - 2004. Mihos, 57, in his run for Governor, has what he calls "Proposition 1" -- a plan to dedicate 40 percent of the state's budget to aid for cities, end annual re-assessment of property taxes and eliminate fees for public education. He has pledged to support same-sex marriages and adoptions.
Official Site
Hiller Instinct: Christy Mihos Air Date: 03/08/2006

Deval Patrick (D)
Video profile
Chicago native Patrick, 50, graduated from Harvard College in 1978. Becoming a businessman and lawyer in the Bay State, Patrick in 2004 was appointed to the board of directors for the mortgage company, Ameriquest. On July 2, 2006, Patrick stepped down from the board to pursue his race for Governor of Massachusetts. If elected, Patrick would become the first ever African-American governor of the state. Official Site


 Grace Ross (G-R)
As a lifelong activist who grew up in New York, Grace Ross has worked with low-income groups in an attempt to abolish poverty. She has also advocated for nonviolence, environmental protection, international solidarity, anti-racist struggles, women's rights, union organization and gay/lesbian civil rights. Ross currently lives in Worcester. Official Site

Primary election results

All information courtesy of the candidates' Official Web Site.


Hiller Instinct: 7News/Suffolk University poll (air date 10/24/2006)
Two weeks and counting until Massachusetts selects its next governor. Kerry Healey had been gaining ground, but now it looks like Deval Patrick might be making it a one-man race.

Hiller Instinct: Gubernatorial debate (air date 10/19/2006)
The debate began with fireworks over television commercials and only got more intense with talk about spending and economic development.

Hiller Instinct: 7News/Suffolk University Poll (air date 10/13/2006)
The governor's race is tightening up. Our 7News/Suffolk University Poll shows Deval Patrick's big lead slipping.

Hiller Instinct: Governor's debate review (air date 10/03/2006)
Before this debate began the key question here was, could Kerry Healey brush aside Christy Mihos, so she could take on Deval Patrick directly? The answer was no.

Hiller Instinct: Governor's debate review (air date 09/25/2006)
The race for governor takes a new turn. The final four candidates squared off in their first debate. 7's Political Analyst Andy Hiller was there to break it down.

Hiller Instinct: Governor race images (air date 09/20/2006)
So what will decide the race for governor? Is it speeches, TV ads, or pictures from the campaign trail? 7's Political Editor Andy Hiller is sharing some ideas, focusing on who will finish first. Here's his "Instinct."

Hiller Instinct: Preview of November election (air date 09/19/2006)
Now that we know the major candidates, the campaigning is going to kick into high gear, and it could get ugly. Political Editor Andy Hiller is here with his instinct on what we can expect.

Hiller Instinct: Voter turnout (air date 09/19/2006)
In just hours, it'll be decided. The polls are still open for another two hours, so if you want to vote, there's still time. 7's Political Editor Andy Hiller has his take on today's voting.

Hiller Instinct: Governor race 7News/Suffolk U. Poll (air date 09/18/2006)
Is there a clear-cut frontrunner? Or will this final primary push be enough to swing the vote? Political Editor Andy Hiller has the results of the latest 7News/Suffolk University poll.

Hiller Instinct: Governor race preview (air date 09/18/2006)
Tomorrow is primary day here in Massachusetts. So, who'll come out on top for the Dems? Is there even a clear-cut frontrunner? Or will this final primary push be enough to swing the vote?

Hiller Instinct: Democratic Governor's race teams (air date 09/15/2006)
High above the field at Fenway Park, Tom Reilly is holding an unfortunately timed fundraiser. Like the Red Sox, Reilly once was leading the pack, but no more.

Hiller Instinct: Democratic governor's debate (air date 09/08/2006)
It's coming down to decision time for the 2006 elections, and one of the most intense races is for the Democratic nomination for governor. Tonight, the candidates squared off in a debate. Political Editor Andy Hiller breaks it down.

Hiller Instinct: Democratic governor's debate preview (air date 09/07/2006)
The debates in Decision 2006 kicking off tonight as Democratic gubernatorial hopefuls do battle face-to-face. One of the panelists for the Dems' debate is our Political Editor Andy Hiller, and he has a preview.

Hiller Instinct: Digging deeper poll (air date 08/24/2006)
As the governor's race heats up, will the Big Dig disaster play a role at the polls? Our Political Editor Andy Hiller has the answer with a new 7News/Suffolk University poll that "digs deeper."

Hiller Instinct: Governor's race poll (air date 08/22/2006)
Money can buy you just about anything, but how about an election? Exactly four weeks before the state's primary, the guy who has spent the most money just took over the Democratic race for governor. 7's Political Editor Andy Hiller has more on a new Suffolk University/7News poll that puts Chris Gabrielli in the lead.

Hiller Instinct: Gabrieli's big gain (air date 08/22/2006)
Exactly four weeks from tonight, we'll be counting votes in the Democratic Primary for governor. But tonight, a new Suffolk University/7News poll has a new leader for the Dems.

Hiller Instinct: Race for governor (air date 06/28/2006)
There's a new leader tonight in the Democratic race for governor.

Hiller Instinct: Governor's race poll (air date 06/27/2006)
For the first time since 7News started polling in February, someone other than Tom Reilly is leading in the race for the Democratic nomination for governor. 7's Andy Hiller explains these surprising results from our exclusive 7News/Suffolk University poll.

Hiller Instinct: Obama backs Patrick (air date 06/01/2006)
A high profile endorsement takes place in the Massachusetts governor's race.

Hiller Instinct: Democratic primary poll (air date 3/21/2006)
If the governor's election were held today, Tom Reilly would be the next leader of Massachusetts. An exclusive 7News/Suffolk University poll shows Reilly winning the Democratic primary and the general election.

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