A man brutally beaten after a case of road rage

Posted: 02/15/13 at 3:25 pm EST      Last Updated: 02/15/13 at 3:39 pm EST

WASHINGTON -- A reward is now being offered to find the person who severely beat a man in a case of road rage Monday, putting him in intensive care.

The victim's family believes that a Good Samaritan who stepped in may have saved the man's life.

Scott Bradford's family said it happened Monday around in Spanaway, Washington.

The victim's son, Dan Bradford, said his father was leaving a convenience store when he pulled out in front of another driver. The other driver then started tailgating him.

Scott Bradford pulled over about a mile away in order to explain and apologize to the driver. He got out of his car and said something to the effect of "What's up?"

The attacker responded, "This is what's up," and allegedly punched Bradford. He then pulled Bradford to the side of the car and punched him at least four times.

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