Truck slams into liquor store, flees the scene

Posted: 10/07/12 at 7:20 pm EDT      Last Updated: 10/07/12 at 7:31 pm EDT

UNDATED (WHDH) -- The owner of a liquor store in California was behind the register helping customers with his back to the front of the store when a truck came crashing through the front window.

The entire force of an out-of-control pick-up truck came through the store front, shattering glass and liquor bottles, sending shelves crashing down.

"It was just insane,” said Kurt, a witness.

The customer at the register, who only gave his first name, had to help the owner, who became pinned between the shelves and his counter.

"I just asked the guy for a pack of cigarettes, reached in my pocket to give him the money and the next thing I knew, I’m flying backwards and the truck's in the store,” said Kurt.

With its outdoor camera, the store recorded video of the truck. Witnesses said the driver had a passenger with him.

"Their eyes were huge, like, what just happened?" said Kurt.

But after the crash, the outside camera stopped recording. What you don't see, witnesses said, is the truck backing out and leaving.

A store clerk said the shop owner is still in the hospital. Remarkably, he only had minor injuries.

The California highway patrol used the license plate number and vehicle description to locate 34-year-old Robert Wayne Ring, who they said was under the influence.

Ring has been charged with a DUI and felony hit and run.

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