Detectives study knives in Calif. girl's stabbing

Posted: 05/03/13 at 8:05 pm EDT

VALLEY SPRINGS, Calif. (AP) -- Investigators searching for evidence in the stabbing death of an 8-year-old girl are looking at several knives taken from her home to determine if one could have inflicted the fatal wounds.

Sgt. Chris Hewitt of the Calaveras County Sheriff's Office said investigators had taken "several knives from the home" but would say little else about them.

Victim Leila Fowler shared the home with her father, stepmother, 12-year-old brother and two older siblings. Hewitt says family members are being questioned at this point only as witnesses.

The 12-year-old discovered Fowler's body a week ago while the parents were at a Little League game. He said he saw the assailant and described him as being tall with long gray hair.

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