Girl, 7, honored by school and police for returning wallet

Posted: 03/24/13 at 10:00 pm EDT      Last Updated: 03/24/13 at 11:12 pm EDT

DIXON, Calif. (WHDH) -- A police escort and a limo are not the normal way for young kids to show up at school. The little girl in the car was honored by her school and police department for doing the right thing.

When the 7-year-old found a wallet filled with cash, she proved honesty is the best policy.

"I'm just so impressed, she's so composed,” said Chief Jon Cox, Dixon Police Department.

What impressed the police chief, local businesses and her schoolmates the most wasn't the limo or escort, it was Jessica Gutierrez's honesty.

On Friday she found a wallet.

"There was money because I just gave it to a teacher,” said Jessica Gutierrez.

"It was in excess of $500, and ID and credit cards,” said Chief Cox.

Word of Jessica's honesty spread and the police department brought a K-9 officer to meet Jessica.

A local funeral home was so impressed they gave jessica that limo ride to school.

"Because she did something wonderful..."

And Jessica’s school honored her in an assembly. But the day wasn't over.

Jessica received a certificate of appreciation from the police department.

And t-shirts that would get Jessica and her siblings free meals at a local restaurant. And a college scholarship fund set up by the police department rounded out her morning.

Jessica's mom, Maricela, says Jessica's honesty was no surprise.

"Ever since she was little I was telling her it's not right to keep something that's not yours,” said Maricela Gutierrez, Jessica’s mom.

"Such a young lady, seven years old, to make a decision like that was really astounding,” said Chief Cox.

The woman who lost the wallet was so grateful for its return that she too gave Jessica a reward for her actions.

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