Burglar suspect goes out on a limb to avoid arrest

Posted: 03/02/13 at 9:15 pm EST      Last Updated: 03/02/13 at 11:12 pm EST

SEATTLE (WHDH) -- A burglary suspect in Seattle climbed dangerously high into a tree and he stayed there for more than three hours high above the train tracks.

At one point he tied his clothes into a make shift hammock. He was acting erratically with his legs up in the air and head dangling down.

It looked like he was going to come crashing down at any moment.

It was too dangerous for firefighters to go up and try to force him down, so they waited.

Finally, he just climbed down.

Police said before scaling 40 feet into the tree, the suspect burglarized his ex-girlfriend's house.

You can see several windows were smashed. He also allegedly attacked his ex girlfriend's roommate.

"I guess his heel got crushed,” said Mike Schultz, victim's friend.

This friend of the victims' says the suspect's ex-girlfriend wasn't hurt.

"I don't think physically hurt, but emotionally obviously,” said Schultz.

The suspect will face charges for burglary and assault.

It's unclear if he'll be fined for tying up dozens of officers and firefighters for hours.

And for causing the train tracks to shut down.

"It was a situation where, you know, we had to stop the trains. The tree was right next to the railroad tracks. It’s a safety issue,” said Mark Jamieson

Seattle police spokesman.

The incident caused several commuter trains to be delayed. Some passengers were stuck on trains for more than an hour. They were eventually put onto buses to finish their commutes.

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