Surveillance shows toga-clad student break-in to building

Posted: 02/16/13 at 9:05 pm EST      Last Updated: 02/16/13 at 10:59 pm EST

FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. (NBC) -- It's not very unusual to see a college student wearing a toga - but this was no frat party.

Surveillance video captured a man police said is an 18-year-old Northern Arizona University student breaking into a medical building in Flagstaff last weekend.

The video showed the toga-clad collegian fiddling with a computer, then spilling the contents of a water bottle.

He wiped his hands on the toga and later, police said, off camera, passed out in the lobby.

Officers carried out the man, and charged him with suspicion of burglary, aggravated assault on an officer, resisting arrest, underage drinking, trespassing and criminal damage.

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