Baby born with heart outside her body heads home

Posted: 01/25/13 at 12:00 pm EST      Last Updated: 01/25/13 at 12:52 pm EST

UNDATED (NBC) -- A baby who was born with her heart partially outside her chest went home from the hospital on Wednesday.

Since the day she was born, baby Audrina has been surrounded by a team of doctors.

"I'm nervous and anxious," mom Ashley Cardenas said.

Baby Audrina was born with one-third of her heart outside her body. She has been hooked up to machines and surrounded by doctors for three and a half months.

Audrina's heart beating just under the skin is visible. As Cardenas prepared to leave Texas Children's Hospital, she placed a pink protective shield over Audrina's chest, which will protect her heart as she grows.

Eventually, doctors will use a portion of her rib bone to build a sternum.

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