South Florida bank robbed, thieves at large

Posted: 01/18/13 at 3:45 pm EST      Last Updated: 01/18/13 at 6:10 pm EST

SUNRISE, Fla. (WSVN) -- Sunrise Police and the FBI are searching for the thieves behind a local bank robbery, Thursday morning.

According to FBI investigators, two men ran up to and held up a Brinks armored truck guard outside a bank. FBI Special Agent Michael Leverock said, "Two armed males approached an armored car courier."

The robbery happened at the Space Coast Credit Union branch at 7751 W. Oakland Park Blvd. Surveillance cameras caught the robbery as it unfolded. The guard was using a dolly to deliver money to the bank at the time. Two men wearing masks ran up with guns drawn and yelled at him to put his hands up and then ordered him to the ground.

The guard complied and knocked the dolly forward, on top of the money bag. As he gets on the ground, one of the crooks tries to take the guard's gun out of his holster while the other grabs the money. Both crooks struggle with the holster for a few seconds longer but give up and run with the money. Sunrise Police spokesperson Michelle Eddy said, "[He] was approached by two males, dressed very similar, who laid him out on the ground, and attempted to take his weapon. They were unsuccessful."

Still laying on the ground, the guard pulled his weapon and fired several rounds in the direction of the fleeing robbers. The FBI said he must have hit at least one of them, as they found blood at the scene. "The guard actually fired shots at them," said Leverock. "It appears that the getaway driver may have been shot, and it appears that he was hit in the leg. It appears he may have hit his mark," Leverock added about the guard's shot. The guard was not hurt.

The thieves managed to flee in a white Honda Civic. Authorities found the getaway car a few blocks away from the bank. It had several bullet marks and its tires blown out. According to the FBI, the robbers then got into a 2001 silver Lexus. Leverock described this second car: "There's a spoiler on the back, and there's a dent on the hood, near where you put the car key in," said Leverock.

Alfonso Freeman heard the gunshots from the guard firing his weapon. "I heard at least 15 to 18 shots. I thought it was firecrackers, but I took a ride in a golf cart to see, and I see police cars everywhere."

Naomi Labissiere works nearby and said, "It is scary, especially around this time. You never suspect this because I usually walk across the street to the store. But you never know what might happen."

The search continues for the robbers. One of the robbers may have sought or be in need of medical attention as a result of his wound.

If you have any information on this bank robbery, call Broward County Crime Stoppers at 954-493-TIPS.

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