Woman walks into car dealership, leaves with free car

Posted: 02/23/13 at 9:00 pm EST      Last Updated: 02/23/13 at 11:02 pm EST

AbILENE, Texas (WHDH) -- A Texas woman walked into a car dealership and drove off in a car without having to pay for it.

So where's the punch line or the catch? Well, there isn't one.

The car really was free.

“I can't believe it though, I just still can't. I got me a car, a free car,” said Ruby Cooper.

Ray Braswell owns the used car dealership and has had a pretty good year. So he and his wife decided to pay it forward by finding a person in need to give a car to.

They asked people to send in letters nominating someone in need.

The letter they chose was from Ruby Cooper's son.

“She deserves it. She's been without a car for a couple of years,” said Roman Johnson.

“I couldn't stand to think about her walking four little ones to school every day and then buying groceries and everything else,” said Braswell.

Those words were what inspired Braswell to hand Cooper the keys to a 2005 Ford Taurus.

To make the deal even more special it's Cooper's 60th birthday and it’s definitely a gift she'll never forget.

“You just don't know, I’m about to cry,” said Cooper.

It took cooper a minute or two to truly take it all in.

But the sounds of the engine quickly made it real and it didn't take long to set up ground rules for her new car.

“Cannot be putting no paper on the floor, no crayons, no nothing, no markers no nothing,” said Cooper.

So plenty of hugs, kisses and thank you’s later, Ruby Cooper drove off in her own car.

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