Homeowners face more battles after Superstorm Sandy

Posted: 01/06/13 at 7:30 pm EST      Last Updated: 01/06/13 at 7:41 pm EST

STATEN ISLAND, NY (WHDH) -- On Staten Island, devastation is still everywhere. People are continuing to try and rebuild their homes and lives after Superstorm Sandy.

An insurance issue is pitting some homeowners against their insurance companies as they try to get money to rebuild.

But for one family, it’s not just the money that has them upset.

The couple's Staten Island home was destroyed by Sandy and they said their insurance company, Allstate, is refusing to pay their full claim, offering a $10,000 dollar payout instead.

“We didn't sign it, we didn't cash it and we don't even want $10,000. That's a joke,” said Dominic Traina.

At the same time Allstate recently featured the Traina's destroyed home in a television ad, thanking employees who were also affected by the storm.

“You used our house that you were caring. This is not caring. This is a money thing,” said Sheila Traina.

The Traina's said Allstate concluded their home was damaged by flooding. They don't have flood insurance.

They canceled it several years ago. But the Traina’s believe their home was damaged by wind, not the storm surge.

“We know what our neighbor had told us, that the wind hit it and knocked it down,” said Dominic Traina.

“The two big disasters that are not covered, one is flooding, and the other is earthquake,” said Jeanne Salvatore, Insurance Information Institute.

“I don't know where we go,” said Sheila Traina.

The Traina’s are now working with an attorney and say they plan to fight for their full claim.

As for the TV ad, Allstate said "it does not reference them as customers or in any way imply they are satisfied with the status of their claim.”

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