Electronic cart is big attraction at Pa. market

Posted: 11/24/12 at 12:30 am EST      Last Updated: 11/24/12 at 11:35 pm EST

LANCASTER COUNTY, PA (WHDH) -- A family owned grocery store in Pennsylvania has a new promotional tool that's supersizing expectations.

It’s packed with some high horse power and is attracting a lot of attention. Shoppers are making a stop to check it out before hitting the check out.

"Everybody knows when you come to the grocery store you gotta get a shopping cart,” said the store owner, Brett Musser.

And that's just what you'll get when you come to Musser's Market in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

"We took a regular shopping cart like ours and just blew it up,” he said.

But this shopping cart is a big deal. Complete with steering wheel, brake pedal, and a Chevy small block 350."

Shoppers leaving the check-out, stop to check it out. A 12 foot long, 9 foot tall shopping cart rolling through the parking lot.

It's built like a race car, but the owners wouldn't dare.

"I said listen, I got too much time, too much money in this thing to do that,” said Musser.

It took 2 years and tens of thousands of dollars. Brent Musser admits he knows his way around a grocery store not a garage.

Now it's mostly used in parades and parked in front of the store, but serves its purpose of drawing a crowd.

The big basket is 115 cubic feet, more than a dozen regular-sized grocery carts and is a whole lot of turkeys.

"You could probably get a skid and a half of turkeys on it if you wanted to.”

And they may. It will also be used to benefit food banks.

"That will take care of a whole bunch of people, whole bunch of people."

It's for charity and for profit your business can rent it for the day for about 800 bucks. It's even open to competing grocery stores so maybe one day it really will be a 'giant' shopping cart. But it will always be a Musser creation and in their minds...a masterpiece.

They said they based their design off some of the other ten carts like it, in existence.

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