Loyal dog runs away to find owner in the hospital

Posted: 10/06/12 at 9:20 pm EDT      Last Updated: 10/06/12 at 11:16 pm EDT

UNDATED (WHDH) -- One dog is proving to be quite the loyal friend, making an incredible journey to find his owner in the hospital.

"He was visiting me, I know that, my wife says he's been laying in the bed, in my spot, in a circle, you know rolled up in a ball like huskies do, and he's been crying and stuff and wondering where I am. So then he got out and maybe he said he was going to come find me, I don't know,” said owner John Dolan.

Just last week Dolan was in the hospital when his truly unexpected visitor arrived.

Before dawn Tuesday morning, Zander managed to slip out of the house and make his way to Good Samaritan Medical Center.

Dolan lives in Bay Shore, Long Island and the hospital is in West Islip, according to the GPS, a mile and a half away.

And Zander had never been to the hospital before.

"I mean he was either on his way to New Jersey and stopped by the hospital because of the smells of bacon and the food coming from the cafeteria, or he was coming to see me, I don't know. I mean it's an incredible story. I didn't believe it either. You know, it's funny,” said Dolan.

Dolan was lying in his hospital bed one morning when he got a call from a complete stranger, saying: “your dog is down here!”

"I said 'what are you talking about?' It didn't sink in for a little while because it didn't make any sense to me. 'What do you mean my dog is here?' you know,” said Dolan.

Needless to say, Zander, the 7-year-old husky Dolan found five years ago in a shelter, is now living the life of Zander, the wonder dog.

"I went and picked up some of those greeny things, whatever, for the munchies, little treats, that's it. I mean he's still a pain in the neck. He's still trying to run away. We gotta take care of him, you know,” said Dolan.

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