Emails: Police partly in dark on NJ lane closings

Posted: 01/10/14 at 10:45 am EST      Last Updated: 01/10/14 at 4:30 pm EST

TRENTON, N.J. (AP) -- Newly released emails show a police captain had a difficult time getting details about lane closings near the George Washington Bridge that appeared to have been politically orchestrated.

The emails were included in hundreds of documents released Friday by a New Jersey legislative committee investigating the role of the administration of Gov. Christie in the lane closings.

The governor apologized Thursday for the bridge gridlock in September after other documents showed for the first time the involvement of his staff. He also fired a top aide.

The email was from a police sergeant for the Port Authority, which runs the bridge. She says she could not get answers from the bridge manager about how long the pending closings would last or whether local officials had been notified.

She wrote, "no answers could be supplied."

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