Shocking high-speed police chase caught on camera

Posted: 01/26/13 at 12:05 am EST      Last Updated: 01/26/13 at 11:16 pm EST

JONES, Okla. (WHDH) -- The side of an SUV is shredded and crushed, the back tires blown out after a high-speed chase through busy streets.

Two suspects a man and a woman loaded up on to stretchers and into ambulances- the driver in custody.

He was reckless, me and my aunt we're watching it and we were like wow.

This is where the driver of this GMC Denali finally stopped.

“I have never seen a chase like that,” said Bob Moore, who was operating a chopper.

A potentially deadly situation- a high speed chase through rush hour traffic.

The suspects wanted in connection to burglary.

As they raced into the metro a passenger leaned out the back window to unhook the trailer. Once released, it nearly collided with another car at one point sheriff's deputies backed off because the SUV was going 110 miles per hour.

“Fortunately because of our local news organizations they had their helicopters up, they were able to follow the suspect and we just kind of tracked it,” said Mark Myers, Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office.

Authorities say the suspects dumped drugs from the vehicle.

As the SUV went under I-40 the driver lost control and clipped a pole, but that didn't stop him.

The chase continued another mile until the driver hopped out and tried to make a run for it before he was eventually taken down.

“They showed the footage of them taken the driver out over there, and then when they scanned back over here there were two people on the ground over here.”

“The police officers did an excellent job at turning the pursuit or slowing the pursuit down when they did through high traffic where there could have been a more catastrophic event.”

Officials have not said what started the chase.

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