Teen's text thwarts robber in Chicago

Posted: 01/25/13 at 5:05 pm EST

CHICAGO (WHDH) -- A family in Chicago was able to turn the tables on a thief thanks to a teenager's text message.

"We didn't know if he had weapons, but if he did, he'd probably shoot us," said Rebecca Lane.

Rebecca, 10, saw something Sunday night that no child should have to experience.

"I was kinda like shaking like everywhere,” she said.

Rebecca and her dad, mother and brother, wanted to have a snack and coffee.

Dad decided to step out for something down the street and within minutes, William Castle burst in demanding money from the employee working there.

"He's like nobody move. Give me the money,” recounted Rebecca.

The employee had just over $300 in the drawer.

"He was like lady if you have no more money I'm gonna shoot you. He was like, go to the bathroom to us,” said Rebecca.

They did what their captor told them to do.

"He was like, if the police come within ten minutes I will shoot each and every one of you,” said Rebecca.

In the bathroom, Rebecca's 15-year-old brother Nathan made a decision that may have saved lives.

"My mom's like we need to call 9-1-1 and my brother is like ‘no, we can't. I should text him,’” said Rebecca.

"I look at text and it does say ‘don't come back. Armed robber, please call 911,” said Craig Lane.

Meanwhile, Rebecca said that they could hear from the bathroom Castle ordering the employee to turn off the lights to make it look as if the store were closed.

"We heard the girl say "that's all my valuables and no you cannot touch me like that."

Thanks to Nathan's text, police showed up in no time and Castle was caught trying to escape through the back door.

"If we weren't there some great harm would have occurred to employee because she would have been only one in store at the time,” said Craig Lane.

"I definitely feel like we kinda saved the waitresses life,” said Rebecca.

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