Woman gives birth in hospital parking lot

Posted: 12/08/12 at 12:15 am EST      Last Updated: 12/08/12 at 11:24 pm EST

CEDAR RAPIDS, IA (WHDH) -- A hospital security camera caught a frantic father pulling up and dashing inside with this message: my wife's having a baby...now...in the car.

Everybody who could exploded out the door and nurse Ruthie Petersen led the pack.

"She said ‘I was having contractions eight minutes apart and now all of a sudden here's this baby. How did that happen?’ I said your water broke, and they just do whatever they want,” said Peterson.

Although Ruthie was working in the ER that morning, she is also a birthplace nurse.

Ruthie decided there wasn't time to go in, so she delivered the baby girl in the front seat of the family minivan.

Five days later, Rachel and Chris, who didn't want us to use their last names, came back to show Ruthie little Taylor, her parking lot baby.

"My dad called in the night before and said make sure you get to the hospital on time. I said don't worry dad, that's covered. We'll for sure get to the hospital on time. They were all running towards us and Ruthie was leading the pack. She jumped in the van and between me and the dashboard delivered the baby very, very calmly,” said mother, Rachel.

As far as being the first to deliver in the hospital parking lot, the parents accept it, but don't exactly recommend it.

"It’s terrifying,” said Rachel.

"It’s not the easiest way to bring a little one into the world. But we're sure glad she came safely,” said father, Chris.

But it certainly will make an interesting story to tell when little Taylor is old enough to ask who's the woman with mom and dad in that family picture.

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