Fists fly at birthday party in Ohio

Posted: 11/21/13 at 3:50 pm EST      Last Updated: 11/21/13 at 5:03 pm EST

NORTH ROYALTON, OH (NBC) -- Two people were arrested at a birthday party in Ohio after a family fight broke out in an indoor gym.

Police arrested Marlow Knowles and Carolyn Standberry at The Jump Yard in North Royalton, Ohio after a brawl broke out between family members attending a 6-year-olds birthday party.

Surveillance video shows the party of about 20 family members gathering in the party room. When a couple returns the room after finding their tires slashed.

"They found their car damaged out in the parking lot, they came back to question the group in the party room as to what happened to their car," said Detective David Loeding of the North Royalton Police Department.

Police are investigating.

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