Disturbing daycare video leads to arrests

Posted: 05/04/13 at 9:45 pm EDT      Last Updated: 05/04/13 at 11:14 pm EDT

RACINE, WI (NBC) -- Two daycare workers are facing felony charges after a disturbing video surfaces of children fighting at the facility. The cell phone video shows kids beating up a two-year-old. Police say it was shot by workers who laughed during the incident and did nothing to stop it. The victim's mother is outraged.

"How could someone do that to a baby? A two-year-old? I can't trust another daycare. I really can't. I'm scared," said Dominique Johnson.

Krystina Woods and Jakitta Hollins could spend six years in prison if they're convicted. The state has since pulled the daycare's license and shut it down.

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