Semi truck falls off bridge, explodes

Posted: 03/01/13 at 9:35 pm EST      Last Updated: 03/01/13 at 10:57 pm EST

WATERLOO, Iowa (WHDH) -- A semi truck that crashed on a bridge in Iowa was pushed over the edge in a ball of flames.

The driver in the truck managed to get out just before his cab exploded.

The scene was all caught on camera. Slick roads and a semi driver going too fast caused this hang up. The cab was dangling off the overpass.

The driver jumped out, and shortly after, the semi fell off the edge.

"The semi tractor and the first trailer fell right down in there. The second trailer stayed on the bridge,” said Captain Bill Harter, Waterloo Fire Department.

That's when Harter and his crew watched the semi truck go up in flames.

"It was very hard to put out because everything was so packed in that first trailer,” said Harter.

The trailers were packed with magnesium engine parts causing it to pop several times.

"Like a bunch of magnesium parts of engines because the fire when that started on fire it burned very bright,' said Harter.

They were battling the flames for hours.

And although it was neat to see, it wasn't as fun cleaning it up before rush hour.

The driver managed to escape with his life, but didn't escape without a ticket.

He’s been cited for failure to maintain control of his vehicle.

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