Man leads police on chase in stolen ice cream truck

Posted: 11/14/12 at 12:10 am EST      Last Updated: 11/14/12 at 11:26 pm EST

WORCESTER, Mass. (WHDH) -- A man is accused of stealing an ice cream truck and using it to lead police on a slow-speed chase in Worcester.

Police chased the man through streets of Worcester, Leicester and into nearby Charlton; all in pursuit of a stolen ice cream delivery truck.

Bystanders got a good long look because the truck hardly got halfway to 60 miles per hour.

“All along, this delivery truck did not exceed 30 miles per hour. Mainly 18 miles per hour through the city and no greater than 30 miles per hour outside the city area,” said Sgt. Kerry Hazelhurst, Worcester Police Department.

The truck was first spotted on Park Avenue near a state liquor store about 45 minutes after it was stolen.

Police flashers didn't convince the driver to pull over and with several Worcester cruisers in pursuit, the ice cream truck slowly rolled down the street, running red lights and refusing to stop.

At one point -- before the chase started but after the truck was stolen -- the driver pulled over to buy a six pack of beer.

He didn't have time to drink it, but the bottles came in handy as he threw one out the window at a police cruiser that had pulled up next to him.

As the chase rolled into Leicester, state police rolled out stop sticks but the truck just drove around them.

They tried again in Charlton and that time they worked, blowing out the two front tires and bringing the ice cream truck to a halt.

“When he saw the officers approaching, he shut the door and locked the door and refused to come out. After several commands of exiting the vehicle, he refused to do so, they smashed the driver’s window and extracted the driver from the vehicle,” said Sgt. Hazelhurst.

Police say the driver made a move to run but decided instead to “chill out” in the cab.

Police say it doesn't look like drugs or alcohol were involved in the choice to hijack the Hershey’s truck, but the slow-speed driver is facing more than a dozen charges.

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