Would-be robber says he was trying to support family

Posted: 03/24/13 at 6:55 pm EDT      Last Updated: 03/24/13 at 10:34 pm EDT

MILFORD, Mass. (WHDH) -- A Milford man is facing charges after police caught him trying to break into a business.

A routine patrol landed the accused 32-year-old would-be burglar in jail.

“The suspect was caught by one of our midnight to 8 patrolmen actually breaking into a business here in town. When the officer was checking the area, he did find the suspect actually breaking into one of the buildings,” said an officer.

Milford police said Robert Boothby was caught red-handed trying to break-into this salon.

“I think he was just looking just for a quick grab of something,” said an officer.

He was caught red-handed, holding the tools he used to break in.

“He saw the officer, he put one of the tools back in his pocket and began to walk away towards his vehicle,” said the officer.

Police say Boothby later admitted to trying to break in to the salon and a nearby sewing business and told officers he was unemployed and looking for cash to help his family pay bills.

Boothby was living with his sister, who just six weeks ago lost her husband.

She told 7News he was helping raise his two nephews, adding: “he's a good man who made some very stupid choices trying to take care of his family during a rough time.”

He's now behind bars and police in town say it's rare to catch an alleged thief in action.

“It’s good to get one after so many get away,” said the officer.

Police said Boothby didn’t get away with anything. He will face a judge Monday morning.

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