Children found home alone with mother's dead body

Posted: 03/16/13 at 6:15 pm EDT      Last Updated: 03/18/13 at 10:52 am EDT

WORCESTER (WHDH) -- Two young children were found home alone with their mother’s dead body.

Jill Skemmer watched in horror as the young victim’s body was pulled from the apartment Friday night.

“I saw all the cops everywhere and then I saw the hearse pull up and I saw the gurney right there and then I saw the body bag and that was it,” said Skemmer.

Skemmer lives in the same building and began to notice something strange as the week went on.

“There was a lot of yelling with the kids. I could hear her 24/7. On Thursday, I was sitting here doing some work and I thought to myself, ‘God, I haven’t heard anything. I haven’t heard her voice for a couple days,’” said Skemmer.

Police confirmed the woman, who hasn’t been identified, died from a drug overdose.

Neighbors said inside the home were her two young children. Ryan Cicero is the one who found them Friday night.

“They said mommy’s sleeping. We coached them to open the door. He couldn’t reach so we told him to get the chair. He stood on the chair and still couldn’t reach. Grabbed a few pillows and hopped up there and unlocked it. I’m speechless of the whole thing. It was awful,” said Cicero.

“We just kept them up there until everything was cleared out. They had no clue what was going on, no idea. They got taken out by the police and they were happy as anything,” said Alexis Ullstrom, who helped take care of the children.

Neighbors hadn’t seen the mother in days and believe the children were left all alone for the better part of a week. An autopsy will better determine the time of death.

“I feel so bad for those children. How horrible for that to happen to them. It’s really tragic, really sad,” said a neighbor.

“It’s sad, it’s horrible that the children, because they thought mommy was sleeping,” said Skemmer.

Neighbors said they went to her apartment with the landlord looking for rent and that’s when they discovered what had happened. The children had been eating and are doing okay.

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