Man arrested for naked drive-thru cruise

Posted: 02/18/13 at 4:50 pm EST      Last Updated: 02/18/13 at 5:01 pm EST

WESTBORO, Mass. (WHDH) -- Handcuffs were about the only thing Risoldo Santos wound up wearing Sunday. Police say he went cruising through local drive-throughs naked.

At a Dunkin Donuts drive through in Westboro, it wasn't the order that raised eyebrows -- it was the customer.

“He ordered the coffee from clerk and she noticed he appeared to be naked. All he had was a coat over his waist area,” said Chief Alan Gordon, Westboro Police Chief.

A short while later, a police officer happened to walk into the donut shop. That's when the driver came back. Witnesses say that time he was totally uncovered.

“He made a motion to the girl at the window not to say anything because he knew the police were inside and he saw the police cruiser outside and he motioned her to be quiet and he just drove off,” said Chief Gordon.

Westboro police say the officer followed the naked driver who headed to a McDonald’s drive through. When it turned out to be closed, the officer pulled him over. The 34-year-old Hudson man Rosildo Santos was arrested. Police say he passed a field sobriety test, but that he admitted to hitting up other drive throughs naked.

“From what we were told, I guess he was getting self gratification out of this. He was getting excited by what he was doing,” Chief Gordon said.

The whole episode, repeated twice, was pretty horrifying for a clerk who watched it happen. As for the customers? Well, they don't even want to imagine.

“Nothing today surprises me. It's disturbing. I’m glad I didn't see it but not surprising,” one woman said.

Police said the naked driver has admitted to going to the bank without clothes on.

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