Somerset officer arrested for taking drugs from elderly

Posted: 01/31/13 at 5:50 am EST

SOMERSET, Mass. (WHDH) -- A Somerset police officer found himself on the wrong side of the law. Ricardo Pavo was arrested on drug charges. He’s been accused of tricking the elderly into handing over prescription medicines.

“Well he mentioned that if we had any prescription drugs don't throw ‘em away. Ya’ know call us and we'll come and get ‘em,” said Paul Boyer.

The 92-year old man said he fell for the story. He said he is one of several people living at North Farm Senior estates that opened their medicine cabinets and just handed over drugs like tramadol and hydrocodone.

“I had some from 09 and 08 that I hadn't thrown out. I said I got them. He said, ‘oh we'll take them’,” said Boyer.

Police said Officer Pavo didn't stop there. They said he also went door to door asking residents about their emergency contact information, if they had any guns or vicious dogs.

Somerset Police said they were tipped off when someone who lives there called them. They launched an investigation and said they searched Pavo's car and locker and found the drugs. Pavo is on leave and had to turn in his gun and badge.

Officer Pavo already appeared in court. He pleaded not guilty and was ordered to undergo drug testing.

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