Stoughton community remembers David Wade

Posted: 10/05/12 at 12:25 am EDT      Last Updated: 10/05/12 at 11:39 pm EDT

STOUGHTON, Mass. (WHDH) -- Friends and family of the victim of an accidental shooting tried to heal wounds in Stoughton Friday.

David Wade was accidentally shot and killed by his brother last week.

Friday night, his teammates and classmates said one final goodbye at the high school football game.

Wade’s mother was wearing his jersey.

“He was a great kid, loved by this community that has given us a lot of support and a lot of love this past week,” said Karen Wade, mother.

“I can’t believe the support of the football team, the cheerleaders, and the entire community,” said Doug Wade, father.

The team dedicated Friday’s game to their fallen friend.

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