Man arrested after two carjackings in Wareham

Posted: 10/03/13 at 10:25 pm EDT      Last Updated: 10/04/13 at 10:35 pm EDT

WAREHAM, Mass. (WHDH) -- Police have arrested a man who they say carjacked two vehicles with the occupants still in them.

Matthew Mullen, 31, reportedly walked up to 75-year-old Carol Widner in a Stop and Shop parking lot Thursday night. He then put his fingers to the back of her head, saying he had a gun, and ordered her to drive to the bank.

“He swore a lot at me but as far as composure, he seemed to be, you know, very calm,” Widner said.

The woman was unable to withdraw money at the bank because she didn’t have a debit card. After she left the bank the woman spotted a cop and got out of the car to speak to him.

Mullen then took her car and drove a short distance before ditching it and carjacking a vehicle with the family still in it.

“He got into the backseat with the baby next to him and told them ‘I have a gun, drive.’ They began to drive but at that time our officers converged on the vehicle and boxed the vehicle in and arrested suspect,” an officer from the Wareham Police Department said.

Mullen appeared in court Friday and was charged with kidnapping and carjacking.

According to the police report, Mullen told police he was desperate; he was homeless and hungry. Mullen is now being held on $100,000 cash bail.

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