Elderly man saved after driving into river

Posted: 09/25/13 at 12:25 am EDT      Last Updated: 09/26/13 at 5:14 pm EDT

BRIDGEWATER, Mass. (WHDH) -- A driver in his 80’s was saved by a group of firefighters in Bridgewater as his car sank to the bottom of a river.

“Holy Cow. When I first saw it, it was pretty amazing” Bridgewater Fire Captain Ray Wilcox said.

Investigators aren’t sure exactly what led up to the crash, but they believe he tapped a car in a nearby parking lot before losing control.

“Went through this little hole in the woods and down over the embankment,” Wilcox said.

The driver was able to walk away after he was saved by the firefighters. He told Wilcox that he was wet and cold.

“He wanted to go home. That was his main thing. He was wet and he wanted to go home. He was a Purple Heart veteran from the Korean War and he said he’d been through a lot more than this,” Wilcox said.

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