Two men accused of selling 'molly' due in court

Posted: 09/09/13 at 7:50 am EDT      Last Updated: 09/09/13 at 11:46 pm EDT

SOUTH BOSTON, Mass. (WHDH) -- Two men accused of selling the popular club drug Molly to undercover officers appeared in court on Monday. Police officers arranged to buy the drug from them and arrested the men when they arrived to make the delivery.

29-year-old Daniel Milisi of South Boston was charged with dealing the designer street drug, Molly.

Detectives arranged to meet Milisi at the Whiskey Priest bar Friday night in an undercover sting operation. They say Milisi felt right at home doing a drug deal in the club until the officers identified themselves and Milisi tried to eat the evidence.

“The officers were able to gain control of him before he was able to put that substance in his mouth and observed the defendant discard the bag on to the floor. The officers were able to restrain him, place him under arrest ,” said William Champlin, prosecutor.

Police also arrested 36-year-old Joseph Doolin as he was waiting outside in a pickup truck.

The death of 19-year-old Brittany Flannigan at the House of Blues after a suspected Molly overdose has the city on edge.

“…we’re going to have medical areas set up,” said Declan Mehigan, House of Blues manager.

A manager at the House of Blues was among bar and nightclub owners attending two informational sessions set up by police on Monday.

“They’re taking Molly and they’re drinking,” said Lt. Det. Robert Merner,

Boston Police Dept.

Bar owners and managers are being urged to put up posters, warning patrons of the dangers of Molly. They say the clubs won't get into trouble reporting suspected drug dealing but they could if they try to hide it.

“If you need a hand putting my guys in there undercover, whatever the case may be, we will help you out with the drug dealing ,” Merner said.

“The managers don't want to see this drug in their premises this, and they’re working hard ,” said Supt. William Evans, Boston Police Dept.

“We want to make sure nothing like the tragedy that happened at the House of Blues, happens at any of our places ,” said Doug Bacon, Red Paint Hospitality Group.

Molly or MDMA has been associated with electronic dance music but Boston Police warn it's moving beyond the club dance scene into other venues so even neighborhood bar owners have to keep a watch out for it.

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