Portuguese Man of Wars take over Westport beach

Posted: 07/04/13 at 5:20 pm EDT      Last Updated: 07/04/13 at 8:12 pm EDT

WESTPORT, Mass. (WHDH) -- A beautiful beach day ended in an ambulance for one girl at Horseneck Beach in Westport. EMTs said she was likely stung by a Portuguese Man of War.

“It's a rash that bubbles up on your skin and it spreads. The higher it spreads the more concerned you should be for her,” said Kenny Fluegel, EMT.

Lifeguards said Portuguese Man of Wars have been washing up along Horseneck for the past two weeks.

“We had one the other day where the tentacles were about 15-feet-long,” said Stephen Diver, head lifeguard.

The sea creatures seem to come around once a year.

“It’s like a blue transparent balloon, that’s how they float and then underneath are the tentacles,” Diver said.

“I think it's very scary, I think they should tell people that. I don’t think anyone knows, there are kids in the water,” said Alicia Connearney, spending time at the beach.

No obvious signs posted along the beach about the Man of Wars, but many beach goers say the potential for a sting won't stop them from going in the water.

“Oh no I'll go back in,” said another beach-goer.

“It’s the ocean there are creatures out there. They just go by the wind and the tides,” said Diver.

The tentacles and the barbs can still sting when on land.

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