A deer gets caught in a net in Norwood

Posted: 06/25/13 at 12:10 am EDT      Last Updated: 06/25/13 at 11:24 pm EDT

NORWOOD, Mass. (WHDH) -- A little fawn ended up in a net at Norwood’s Valvoline Instant Oil Change Tuesday morning.

“We’re happy we have the safety nets in place,” said Valvoline employee, Matt Futrell.

Just after eight when the shop opened, workers noticed the animal wandering around when to their surprise it hopped into the safety netting strung over the “pit” where mechanics work.

“The surprise was, I’m sure it was something they weren’t expecting at eight o‘clock this morning, but you could definitely tell there was a lot of surprise in the air,” said Futrell.

Employees called the police right away. Officers called Animal Control.

“Animal Control walked the deer out just steps from the service center and let it go and it was fine. And it actually circled back around and made another appearance just a few minutes later right on the other side,” said Futrell.

The officers simply lifted the fawn out. It seemed to be in shock after it dropped into the net.

“Just a little thing but it was scared. I don’t know who was more scared, the employees at the time or the deer. I’m sure it was a scary experience for her and everybody was startled here but it turned out just fine,” said Futrell.

The fawn eventually scampered off into the woods.

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