Construction vehicles trapped in bay, 1 taken out

Posted: 03/15/13 at 12:50 pm EDT      Last Updated: 03/15/13 at 11:19 pm EDT

DUXBURY, Mass. (WHDH) -- Several construction vehicles were stuck under water in Duxbury Bay under the Powder Point Bridge Friday.

The bridge was closed for construction and on Friday morning and crews were working on the pilings.

During low tide, a golf cart assisting with the construction became trapped in the mud and a pickup truck tried to free the cart from the mud. The pickup truck got stuck as well with the driver inside.

“Get everybody out of the water. It’s freezing temperatures out there, people started getting hypothermia already. That’s why I’m standing in a white suit; all my clothes are drenched,” said Jason Infante, pickup truck driver.

A front-end loader from another company then tried to free the pickup truck. The front-end loader also became entrapped by the mud. All three vehicles were trapped as high tide came in. The workers were rescued by the Duxbury Harbor Master. The pickup truck and front-end loader were submerged under water until Friday night’s low tide.

“Both the occupants of the front end loader and the pickup truck were taken by boat because the depth of the water was two or three feet deep at that point and removed from the site,” said Chief Kevin Nord, Duxbury Fire Department.

The Department of Environmental Protection was on scene with the Duxbury Fire Department. They put a boom out in the bay to make sure that about 200 gallons of fuel doesn’t leak out from the equipment and contaminate nearby shellfish beds.

“This is unfortunate and we’ll have to deal with it, and the departments are doing an excellent job at this point,” said Richard MacDonald, Duxbury town manager.

Crews waited for low tide before they could get heavier equipment in to pull out the trapped vehicles.

Crews were able to pull the pickup truck from the mud with an excavator, but were unable to pull the front-end loader out.

"That's dug in pretty deep, they spun those tires a quite a bit pull it back up and out," said Chief Kevin Nord, Duxbury Fire Department.

They will try again to pull the front-end loader out with multiple excavators during the next low tide Saturday morning at 9 a.m.

No one was injured and no fines were issued.

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