Dorchester hotel evacuated due to strange odor

Posted: 03/01/13 at 10:15 pm EST      Last Updated: 03/01/13 at 11:23 pm EST

DORCHESTER, Mass. (WHDH) -- Guests at a Marriott Hotel in Dorchester were forced to evacuate when a strange odor was detected.

“I was panicking. My friend was really calm, but I was panicking,” said Sakina Jaffer, a guest.

Authorities responded to a strange odor following an incident inside.

“Crews responded here for a report that somebody was assaulted by means of mace, pepper spray. We counted a couple of patients. They were treated here on scene and refused transport to the hospital,” said Deputy Supt. Michael Bosse.

“We saw a female being put into the back of a police car,” said Nora Lacey.

Authorities said the incident occurred on the second floor. The odor spread and guests were told to leave the building.

“I was coughing. I couldn’t figure out why. I got some water. About 10 or 15 minutes later we heard the fire alarm go off and we looked outside and everyone was running downstairs and people were coughing,” said Jaffer.

“The fire alarms were going off and she was coughing and that’s when we put two and two together and that’s when we were like, it’s time to get out of here,” said Sabrina Bhangoo, another guest.

No serious injuries were reported, but EMTs did have to treat a few people.

“We treated them with an eye wash, skin cleansing and oxygen therapy,” said Deputy Supt. Bosse.

Bosse said guests had symptoms such as, “burning eyes, burning throat, runny nose type things. It’s an irritant to the airways and the eyes.”

The hotel was evacuated for more than two hours. Most of the guests are back in the rooms, but the second floor where the incident occurred is still being looked at by hazmat crews.

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