Police looking for serial robber in Somerville, Medford

Posted: 01/28/13 at 10:10 pm EST      Last Updated: 01/29/13 at 12:23 pm EST

SOMERVILLE, Mass. (WHDH) -- A man in a knit hat with sunglasses on top of his head whipped out a gun and demanded cash from the clerk at a Somerville convenience store Sunday night.

The clerk didn’t hand over the cash fast enough, so the armed robber leaned in to help himself. Security cameras recorded the crime.

“We want to get this guy identified quickly. He seems like he’s pretty desperate,” said Deputy Chief Paul Upton, Somerville Police Department.

Police believe this brazen robber is on a one-man armed robbery spree. Officials believe the man robbed three stores in Medford just days earlier.

Tri Trihn was working at Main Street Variety in Medford Wednesday when he said the same man threatened him with a gun and forced him to open his register.

“He says hurry up, I say, ‘I don't have key,’ so he point gun at me and count one, two, three if I don't open he shoot me,” said Trihn.

The suspect left with the money. Officers believe he hit another store down the street the next day, and then a third one.

Authorities said there are similarities between all four crimes. The man is wearing the same knit cap and sunglasses and the gun appears to be the same, according to police.

“The mannerism, the firearm being used, they’re all the same,” said Upton.

For those who live in this neighborhood, they’re concerned for the workers at the store and hope for an arrest soon.

“Their life is in danger, like, it’s someone we see a lot, it always scares you,” said Andrew McCrady, a local resident.

No one has been injured. Now both towns are working together hoping to make a quick arrest.

“We’re very concerned that something bad is going to happen if we don’t get him off the street quickly,” said Upton.

Police are asking the public to contact police if they have any information about these robberies. Somerville Police can be reached at 617 625-1212.

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