Used hypodermic needles found in N. Reading park

Posted: 01/10/13 at 10:25 pm EST      Last Updated: 01/10/13 at 10:40 pm EST

NORTH READING, Mass. (WHDH) -- Hundreds of used hypodermic needles were dumped in a park in North Reading where children play.

“It’s very scary. I can't imagine what it is, you think you live in a great town -- I don't know, it’s very scary,” said Karen O’Connor, a parent.

Clarke Park is a popular place for kids to play basketball or use the playground equipment.

“I think that’s just disgusting. If you're going be doing gross stuff like that, at least throw it away ‘cause you don't want little kids getting hurt and stuff -- it’s not right,” said Nick Mawn, who frequents the park.

DPW workers found the hypodermic needles Wednesday and called the police department who helped remove the dangerous find.

Police are concerned a child -- or anyone -- could pick up these used needles.

“Just be careful -- always -- when you go to parks, that’s what I do, I look around make sure you're aware of your surroundings,” said O’Connor.

Those who use the park daily say finding needles there is not something new.

“I think it happens a lot. I live around here you know, I see needles all the time,” said Dwayne Frazier.

A decision by the state in 2006 that legally lets people carry and buy hypodermic needles is the reason they are so prevalent, North Reading police say.

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