Stores see record-setting sales for Powerball

Posted: 11/27/12 at 10:25 pm EST      Last Updated: 11/27/12 at 10:43 pm EST

METHUEN, Mass. (WHDH) -- Seven thousand tickets were sold per minute in Massachusetts Tuesday, as Americans dream big and power up for the Powerball.

Ticket sales will shoot up to 20,000 per minute before Wednesday’s big drawing.

The jackpot is now up to $500 million, and across the country stores are seeing record-setting sales as folks hope to land the winning numbers.

You can't buy luck, but some Powerball players hope luck will buy them everything else.

“A new car!” one woman said.

“What would I do? I probably would buy an island somewhere,” one man said.

None of those players has actually hit the jackpot, but they've all got techniques to make them feel like they’re upping their odds. Some, like Gina Silva, buy in bulk -- pooling their cash with co-workers.

“The more tickets we can buy, the better our chance,” said Silva.

For others, it's about the numbers.

“We keep the numbers even, no odd numbers and we keep them as high as we can,” another man said.

Lotto winner and author Richard Lustig says pick your own numbers and buy as many tickets as you can afford.

“It’s all about what numbers. How do I pick the best numbers? What’s the secret to picking the numbers? There is no secret,” Lustig said.

And perhaps vowing to share the wealth might bring your ticket good karma.

Silva, a cafeteria worker at an area college, says she would put others first; the students and her co-workers.

“Some people said they wouldn't show up to work but I ask them just to show up until Christmas break because we’d be letting the kids down,” said Silva.

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