Lawrence man ejected from car after violent crash

Posted: 11/18/12 at 6:25 pm EST      Last Updated: 11/19/12 at 1:51 pm EST

LAWRENCE, Mass. (WHDH) -- A driver was ejected from a car as it burst into flames following a crash that was possibly a result of street racing Saturday night.

“The impact with the pole was dramatic, no question about it,” said Chief John Romero, Lawrence Police Department.

A witness told police the driver may have been racing a green Honda shortly before the crash.

“There's no question speed was a factor in this crash,” said Chief Romero.

The 19-year-old Lawrence man behind the wheel of the BMW is fighting for his life after smashing into a utility pole. The car is now a mangled mess.

“It was literally twisted. A lot of officers indicated that they had never seen a vehicle so badly damaged,” said Chief Romero.

The accident happened on Haverhill Street. The car burst into flames and went rolling into a nearby food truck.

“I was looking in the window when I see the car tip over and over and over like 6 times,” said Felix Tories, who witnessed the incident from his home.

Tories rushed over to help and said he talked to the teen who was lying on the sidewalk.

“I just want to save the guy and tried to talk to him to see if he's still alive... he was alive,” said Torres.

The teen driver was taken to Lawrence General Hospital with serious head injuries. He was then transported to Beth Israel.

Police will look at nearby surveillance video to search for a possible second car and better determine what led up to the violent crash.

“When you’re traveling at that rate of speed, clearly, you know, it could have been more people injured,” said Chief Romero.

Neighbors are relieved no one else was injured.

“It's a Saturday night, it’s a busy street, pretty much just happy that nobody was standing out there,” said Merariech Evarria.

The family of the 19-year-old said they are expecting him to survive, but he is still in the hospital with very serious injuries.

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