Video shows SUV fly through air, land on cruiser

Posted: 10/04/12 at 4:40 pm EDT

PELHAM, N. H. (WHDH) -- Shocking surveillance footage shows two cars collide at a busy intersection sending an SUV into the air and on to a police cruiser.

“I was stunned. I quickly had to get my composure,” said Lt. Brian McCarthy, who was involved in the accident.

Lt. McCarthy said he had just stopped his cruiser at the four-way intersection when he saw an SUV come from the opposite direction, blow through a stop sign, slam into a Cadillac and then tumble into his cruiser.

“The SUV actually rolled up my windshield and on to my roof momentarily and then it rolled back down my windshield down my hood and came to rest in front of my police car,” said Lt. McCarthy.

Those involved only suffered minor injuries. But the crash underscores the danger of the notorious intersection that has been the cause of more than 30 accidents since 2008.

“People think it’s a 2-way stop and it’s not so it’s a very confusing intersection,” said a local resident.

“It’s scary. I mean, whether you’re a police man, a fireman, a civilian,” said Lt. McCarthy.

McCarthy is not involved in the accident investigation, but suspects the driver was distracted because she had three warnings prior to the stop; a “stop ahead” sign, a “Stop” sign and a flashing red light.

He urges drivers to pay attention.

“I think that some people when they’re out driving today are distracted. And when you have a distracted driver on the road, that driver can be as deadly and dangerous as an impaired driver,” said Lt. McCarthy.

The town is planning to change the intersection to a roundabout next spring.

The accident caught on camera is still under investigation.

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